Privacy Policy

Our top priority: to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data!

Hello! Welcome to our privacy protection page. Because we firmly believe that the security of your and your children’s data is essential, and because we know how paramount it is to alert children to the importance of respecting privacy from a very early age, this privacy policy tells you about our commitments and the measures we have taken.

Updated and Effective as of:
Sep 11, 2019

What is the purpose of this policy?

This policy governs the processing of your personal data when you use our services on any of our sites and platforms (i.e. website, web-app, mobile app).
It also governs all processing operations relating to the creation of an account, the management of that account, payment of the subscription fee where applicable, data hosting, and finally, to statistics obtained on the basis of your personal data.

What exactly are personal data?

Personal data are defined as any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, i.e. you.
This includes:

  • A personal identifier (e.g. first or last name, username, IP address);
  • Your contact details (e.g. email address, telephone number);
  • An identification number (e.g. customer reference number);
  • An image or video;
  • Browsing history;
  • Consumer preferences.
The definition of "personal data" is therefore very broad, and covers many types of data.
KidjoTV collects information about your viewing habits and preferences with regards to media content for children. This enables us to provide you with an optimal service tailored to suit your children’s tastes and requirements! Such information constitutes the personal data we collect concerning you and your children.

And what exactly is data processing?

Data processing refers to any operation, or set of operations, involving personal data, regardless of the process used (e.g. collection, recording, storage or modification), or in other words, almost everything what happens with your personal data.

Our commitments: to offer you a personalized service without undermining your privacy!

Your personal data are used only in the context of our relationship with you. The data we collect will never be shared with partners or third parties without your consent, and they will never be sold.

1. Who manages my data?

Your data are managed by the Data Controller. This is the person who determines the purposes and means of the processing of your personal data, or in other words, the person who decides what your data are used for, and how they are used.
And that happens to be us. KidjoTV is the Data Controller. We decide what happens with your personal data.

2. When and what type of personal data do we collect?

Your personal data may be collected regardless of whether or not you have a KidjoTV profile. We are very transparent on this!
We retrieve information from your browser as well as from any cookies that may be installed on your devices. This information includes:

  • your IP Address,
  • your mobile device ID
  • the type of browser you use,
  • your time zone,
  • imprecise location data that do not indicate your exact location, but only the country where you are located, so we can provide you with the most suitable content in the right language.
For more information, please consult our Privacy Policy regarding Cookies.

a. Data collection WITHOUT prior registration

We collect data about your browsing preferences on our website with a view to ensuring that you enjoy the best user experience.
A "virtual" child’s user profile is then created with the selected settings. To ensure anonymity, this profile is assigned a user code to pseudonymize it, i.e. it does not allow you to be identified directly.

b. Data collection WITH registration

We also collect your data when you create an account and provide us with you and your children’s information.You have the possibility to configure up to 3 child profiles.We collect the following data necessary for setting up your account and for billing purposes. This includes:

  • Child's first name,
  • Child’s photo (optional),
  • Viewing time,
  • Child’s age,
  • Type of content,
  • Specific content,
  • Language,
  • Parent’s first name and email address,
  • Password,
  • Credit card details (first and last name of cardholder, card number, expiry date and cryptogram) or PayPal account,
  • Coupon (offered by our partners as part of a subscription offer),
  • Information about your operator.

3. How do we use your information?

We process your data in compliance with the law.
In accordance with the data minimization principle (GDPR), we only collect information that is strictly necessary for our business purposes.
Your personal data may be collected and processed for the following reasons and on the following legal bases:

To enable the use of our services (e.g. create an account, create a profile) To ensure contractual performance or pre-contractual measures
To provide customer assistance (e.g. to answer queries, questions, complaints and comments)
To tailor content provided to children (e.g. to enable you to choose the type of content)
To inform the parent or guardian about his/her child's viewing activities
For communication purposes relating to the user’s subscription and billing.
For analysis purposes (Google Analytics):
  • To create audience segments based on aggregate data: statistical, demographic and usage data
  • To collate the personal data collected: such as visit frequency, for managing metric and statistical data.
Data processed on the basis of our legitimate interests

4. Sharing of your information

We do not - and will never - sell or resell your data to third parties. Your information remains strictly confidential for the entire duration of our business relationship, and when it concerns your personal data, there is no time limitation.
However, during our business operations, KidjoTV teams and their subcontractors & data hosts may have access to your personal data for the purposes described above (please note: any other use of your data is prohibited).

5. Are my data ever shared with people outside France?

To ensure the performance of certain services by our subcontractors, some data are transferred to the United States.
The transfer of data is subject to adequate measures and safeguards designed to ensure security (e.g.: they are transferred under the Privacy Shield framework to participating companies, or are subject to the signing of a contract).

6. Your data and social networks

It is possible to sign up for KidjoTV via your social network accounts, Facebook Connect or Google Connect.
If you choose to do so, you thereby consent that the information already collected by those platforms will be shared with us (e.g. your profile data).
We encourage you to consult, if necessary, the privacy policies of the relevant sites and applications.

7. How long are my personal data kept?

KidjoTV retains your personal data for as long as necessary to achieve the purposes set out above.

Contact data 3 years from the last active contact with you (e.g. a reply to an email, a telephone conversation with you, etc.).
Contract data and usage preferences Your data are stored for as long as strictly necessary to manage your account.
Your data may be used for commercial prospecting purposes for a period of 3 years after the end of our contractual relationship.
Your contract data are kept for a period of 5 years after the end of our contractual relationship.
Billing data Your billing data are kept for 10 years.

8. Security measures to protect your data

We are committed to protecting your data, and above all, your children's data!
Although no security system against IT system intrusions is completely infallible, we and our service providers have implemented measures to protect your data in accordance with current regulations, in particular physical and organizational security measures.

9. What are your rights?

You have a number of rights concerning your and your children’s data:

  • The right to access/consult your data: you can ask which data concerning you is processed by us, and request a copy.
  • The right to modify/correct your data: you can correct or update any inaccurate data or add information by making a supplementary declaration.
  • The right to delete your data / the right to be forgotten: you can also request that your account be deleted (subject to legal obligations to retain certain data) in the followings instances: when your data are no longer necessary; if you withdraw your consent; if you wish to exercise your right to object to the processing of your data; if your data were processed unlawfully, etc.
  • The right to restrict processing of your data: you can prevent your data from being used for a certain period if you dispute the accuracy of your personal data.
  • Right to object to the processing of your data: you can request that the processing of your data be stopped, unless the data controller (i.e. us) has a more legitimate interest, such as a legal obligation, for example.
  • The right to data portability: you can ask to obtain a copy of the data you provided to the controller in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. You can obtain this copy for yourself or ask for it to be transferred to another data controller. Please contact us for further information on how to exercise this right.
  • The right to define guidelines on the fate of your personal data after your death: for example, you can designate who will have access to your account and what will happen to your data.
  • The right to file a complaint with the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL):
To exercise your rights, you can send a written request either by:
  • Email to:
  • or by
  • Post to: KIDJO INC., c/o EXCO US ATRIUM (Aline DARMOUNI), 5670 Wilshire Blvd – Suite 1802, Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA
If you choose to send your request either by email using the email address that you usually use to contact us, or via your account, you do not need to attach proof of identity documents.
Otherwise, please attach a copy of your identity document. Please note, this will only be used to verify your identity.

Cookie Privacy Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are commonly defined as small text files in alphanumeric format that are stored on the user's device (e.g. computer, smartphone mobile device, tablet).
Our website especially uses cookies to remember your actions and preferences for a specific period of time so that you do not have to re-enter this information each time you visit the site or when you browse from one page to the next.

What are the different types of cookies?

Some cookies are required to ensure a website works properly while others may be used for advertising, tracking browsing habits or for personal tracking and profiling purposes.

What cookies do we use?

Cookie Type Purpose Cookie Name Data retention period
Essential Cookies These cookies are essential so that we can provide you with our Services, and enable you access and use the features of those services.
For example, these cookies allow you to connect to secure areas of our Services, or make the content of the pages you request load faster.
Without such cookies, we cannot provide the services you requested. We only use these cookies with a view to providing these services to you.
K_sess: Ktor session (Kotlin), used to store user information 1 month
Functional cookies These cookies are used to remember the choices you make when using our Services, such as your language preferences, login details or any changes you make to customizable Services.
The purpose of these cookies is to provide you with a personalized experience and to avoid you having to re-enter your preferences each time you use our Services.
kdj_kiid (child identification) Until the end of the subscription, or 13 months after last visit if no subscription
kdj_kia (age of child)
kdj_us (user subscription information)
kdj_deid (user device identification)
kdj_cc (user’s login country)
settingStorage (local storage of user preferences)
timeLimit (time limit for viewing video by the user in seconds)
Analysis and performance cookies These cookies are used to collect information about user traffic to our Services and how our Services are used. The information collected cannot be used to identify any individual visitor. The information is aggregated. It includes the number of visitors to our Services, the websites that directed the visitors to our Services, the specific pages visited, the time of day those pages were visited, whether they had visited them before, and other similar information.

We use this information to help us enhance the way we provide our services, collect broad demographic data and monitor how often our Services are used. They are only used to enhance the user’s experience of our Services. To do this, we use third-party suppliers and companies that use their own cookies.
G_ENABLED_IDPS: identification of the Google service used 13 months

Changing your cookie settings

You control how cookies are used!
We provide a cookie button configuration tool which you can use to enable or block unwanted cookies.
When you visit our website for the first time - or if the cookie stored on your device has expired - you will be asked to select a cookie setting. You can still change your preferences at any time by clicking on the link “Change cookie settings”.

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